You are not forgotten.

Breathe…God is with you.

…For God is not impressed by the reputations of men. Galations 2:6

He’s interested in you, and in your boat, ready to dance with you.

And aren’t we all equal. Aren’t we all human. Aren’t we all creatures. Aren’t we all breathing. Aren’t we all wonders. Aren’t we all loved. Aren’t we all made to EXIST! Aren’t we all brilliant beings! Aren’t we all sons and daughters of the most High God!…the question is, do we even know what that is. If we are Heirs, we know we are loved. That’s the amazing thing about God, as by us believing, we begin receiving His love and His power as His sons and daughters.

Perhaps we never felt equal. Perhaps we were always shut up. Perhaps we were abused. Perhaps the unthinkable. Perhaps we want to hide. Perhaps we were once something, and now another…But aren’t we all human?

“For God is no respecters of persons.” Acts 10:34 God is good!

God created us equal. How he did it is a whole nother study. But He created us all with purpose. Some got it right, some didn’t, some failed, and failed, and failed again, but kept going. God loves us the same. What we do, and how we do or don’t do it, does not change his love for us . Whether we’re famous, or on the streets, he loves us unconditionally. And His love never changes.

Whether I do it perfectly or mess up, His love never changes. Whether I have noble character, or lousy, He still loves me. Does this give a free ride to anything. Well, not necessarily free. Free to choose yes. But there are consequences, and there are rewards.

Do I do it all for the reward? Well, after some not fun times, I began to make some changes…with the power of God and surrounding myself with healthier wise influence. And soon, or eventually I began to see and feel the rewards. But I know today, he loves me the same. The rewards took a long time to get here, but he loved me the whole time. If I could go back, I would just sit in His love. Not that I didn’t, but consciously purposefully sit there, and listen to how He loves me, acknowledging Jesus in the boat.

Today’s a new day, and I am blessed to receive this info, and it is my duty as a Christian and my humanity, to pass it along.

He doesn’t love them over there more because of the list they accomplished. He loves you, right where you are. Unconditionally. Take the leap off the comparison train, cause God don’t play that way. And feel His peace and unconditional love and your brilliant journey called life…that has your name already written on it.

I am thankful God placed you on my path! God bless you and your family and friends abundantly!

Health, wholeness, love and creativity! And Happy Thanksgiving!



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