Recently I was listening to a country song one of my coworkers plays. Talking about “when ya gonna break up with him”…etc.

I had my own thoughts of the lyrics I won’t share much of cause that’s not the point here, other then I’m a geek for purity. The point is, the words stand out for some reason every time this song plays…and of course I love the rhythm. What!!! I REALLY like country music now!


That night as I took my amazing resort filled bath tub, provided by my King. (We are suddenly moving out tomorrow night from housesitting—tears…although it’s a God thing!!!) By faith, and looking at what God has done, I know he has really good plans for us. By recognizing peace, whom is Jesus, I am excited for this current mystery to be revealed. (I couldn’t do all this last minute packing in addition to life already without prayers.)


Anyhoo that night, I felt some pain, and recognized the thoughts that lead to me feeling like crap were not from God. Instantly recognizing they were from the enemy. Right there I saw, recognized, and felt the pain of bruisy swollen emotional bruises. And then suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit Speak…”when you gonna break up with him.”

Boom. Soak.

I think I’ll let my Healer in a bit more, and love him and His thoughts more. Alright Lord, you can have all of me, I’m all yours Lord, I am your lover Lord, with no more ties to the enemy because of your Love. In Jesus name amen. Let the process begin, let the old baggage fly off our backs, and fill us with your overflowing love Lord!!!

Say it with me if you need to, I am enough. I am brilliant, I am organized, I am loved. Whatever the enemy is saying, declare the opposite continuously every day, until you believe it. God is so good and patient, if you need to wrestle it out with Him, He’s the one to hold you. He knows where you’re coming from, and He knows where you’re going. Glory to glory, and all glory to God.

Who’s ready to break up with the enemy. God is a good God. He thinks good thoughts towards us, and has good—AMAZING plans for us. All we need is faith.

Hold on to His hand through it all, surrendering it all, and find yourself on the most beautiful love story that could ever be written. The victory belongs to Jesus. Take a nap, worship Jesus, and let your community pray alongside you into a beautiful God story.

“All things are possible through Jesus Christ whom strengthens us!”💥

Much love,

Bethany aka Beatriz

The Ultimate Breakup


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