Many come here to party and eat burgers. Be with family or friends, laugh immensely, and enjoy a campfire.

I came here on a mission to stare at the water and reflect. In awe of God’s glorious beauty. Stare at the birds, and be one.

Homeschool my children with the God of the Universe.

Learn that I don’t need to try. He’s already with me. I don’t need to strive, it’s in His hands. I sure can cry, I’m in His hands. We are His daughters and His bride, His children. We are children of the Divine.

From birds to bats, the night has arrived. His yellow lights still shine. Embers once ashes, the life cycle in fashion. Pink skies to blue then violet beyond the dark green trees. I see His beauty. And I just simply can not comprehend it. Even the bats are beautiful, Gods glorious design.

His nature, His nature, just stare at His nature. And ask God why, and who am I to be in such beauty. The answer is within the question and the heart, the very heart he created to reflect His beauty and design. Gods nature, is the true Devine, the true vine. Our source, it’s simply beyond sublime.

God’s Nature


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