Jesus 4.20

When we are filled with the presence of God from worshipping it activates our brain and makes us high and hungry sorta like when someone is high. Only this Jesus high I’ll call it, brings forth clarity, wisdom, order, and angelic dreams.

I use to be all about what I thought was freedom from earth plants of cannabis and tequila teas. At the time, those were the only times I felt relaxed and like I didn’t care what people thought. However that left me in so much deceit and years of a spinning anxietal carnival ride. From sudden slow motions, hanging upside downs, and crazy fast blanks to nowhere. Only a machete of love out of the sky could reach in and stop it.

How I quit was by God. I tried quitting multiple times before, read every google article I could find of the pros and cons of each, which I found a 50/50 of opinions on the good and the bad. I’m guessing more than half of my teachers did it, and possibly more than half of all the dancers I knew did it. But the reality was, I was miserable.

At one point I learned we were born with a void that only God can fill. And I also eventually recognized that all we all wanted was love and fun. But in my heart of hearts, I knew it wasn’t real. It brought more shame then good. And what was good was all a disguise that made me want more. Until I realized the particular face it gave, and life it brought.

So I asked the creator to make me high and drunk on life. And then He sure did, and I was able to quit after that, never going back to that lifestyle. I then got my dream job at that time offered to me of being a personal assistant.

Here’s a video of what lead me to asking the Lord, because I certainly felt stoned while watching it, and could instantly recognize a presence that began to fill my room. The truth of the matter, is He is drenched in Jesus love, and we can all have that, in fact that’s God’s design.

Thank you Georgian Banov for changing my life for the better forever. Now I am able to have more fun then ever, and more peace then ever when I’m filled with God.

So recently a coworker friend suggested I should try it again. And by no means was I enticed. No I’m good, I know what it’s like. Worshipping the Lord activates the same part of the brain. “But the pens different.” Yeah but that too ruined my life for a while. Truth be told it’s one of the main causes of my divorce. “Maybe it was Him.” Well I did it before, and it did nothing good for me but kept me lost in cycles going nowhere.

I started to feel like maybe my friend felt I was judging her. It wasn’t an easy conversation. Clearly we don’t see it the same. I began to pray inside, what do I say—however I have to be honest and clear where I stand, because she was wholeheartedly interested in convincing me. So as I paused, she mentioned like paranoia, and exhaustion, etc…….and I said yup, all those things. I personally don’t think those are good things and I don’t want to rely on anything to make me happy and have a good time but God. Again, this wasn’t an easy conversation. However I felt convicted that I had to speak my truth.

Plus there’s much more I found out through researching of really good reasons that helped me quit instantly. That’s perhaps crazy to others, but it helped me. And I’m not gonna share that all here. Except the Holy Spirit is the only Spirit that can live in me. If you really want to quit, ask God. And He will make the way that works for you.

If you really want to quit, ask someone to pray for you. I release healing now here for whomever that is. An overflowing of Jesus presence that’s better than any high from a drug, Jesus presence that overflows. And the Holy Spirit rising in your life. It’s a choice. Which side of freedom do you stand on. Really, it’s all a choice. And only ourselves can choose.

I say none of this in judgement. I’d just like to help whomever is perhaps searching like I once was. I have family members and coworkers and acquaintances that I love that perhaps see it differently. It’s a personal choice. And I personally know and believe that quitting all that changed my life for the better forever. It ended unhealthy cycles, and brought about real everlasting freedom and a never ending refreshing from my Savior.

And the truth is.

He overflows me. There is no greater feeling. And my life has gotten better because of it. I got out of a toxic relationship because of Him filling me. And while I’ve struggled a lot financially, He has set my daughters up in such beautiful ways like housitting lakeview, and provided for good food. I am completely and only dependent on Him. He has really taken care of us, and we feel His love FILLING our house unasked for and or whenever I need Him to, He comes. He is raising my daughters with me. He is continually changing me, and all I have to do is recieve His love so I can give it away. It’s the only way.

So today, and everyday I hope I receive my love from Jesus whom doesn’t go away. I keep my eyes fixed on Him, and I’m wrecked in a pleasant way.

Colors are magnified, and the love doesn’t pop. I wake up happy, I sleep like a rock, nachos taste better, and my gratitude tank is full. Birthday cake ice cream is yummy, and I call it good. But God, wow, God is wow, and God is all things good. I’m stoned on the Lord. Spiritually stoned on the rock. One with Him, and He raises me up as I cast all my cares upon Him. He raises me up, and He raise us all up.

The entire atmosphere was already beautiful, only now the blinders have been removed and all is seen. What rare beauty. What rare beauties God has given us all.

Cheers to Jesus in our cups. Purifying, cleansing, removing all lies. And overflowing with love like no other. Cheers Jesus. Cheers Jesus. Cheers Jesus. Thank you Jesus. King Jesus. Sweet fierce Jesus whom died for me, and filled me up, making a way possible to see all the colors, from multiple realms, Heaven to earth colors, so vibrant I could sing and dance, and rest all day.

Let us keep our eyes on the creator of the entire Universe. Worshipping Jesus. And reading His word. And watch what God will do.

Romans 12:1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice,holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Jesus 4.20


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