A vision I had this week driving south on the 5. Next to me a semi loaded with army trucks on it really begins to stand out.

Suddenly I begin to hear and see a vision.

(before reading, I’ve somewhat been there.) And I believe a great part of the world has too. I share ultimately in hopes for transformation of exploding shame (which I am currently walking through), and healing with God who is bigger than it all.

The Tramamobile

It’s filled up with tramas, God knows how many. But the world sees camo, metal, boss and shine.

The seer sees the plastic, covering upon covering of all the tramas—not really meant to hide!!! The wheels keep moving and spinning in its metal body, surrounded by other wounded machines (in appearing stronger packages) on a bigger moving semi truck.

One by one they all explode. Pow pow pow and poof.

What’s left is a vessel surrounded by fire. standing.

In walks Jesus, into every single vessel whos eyes have been opened because of the fire. It could no longer stand without Jesus. And now with Jesus one by one they rise, with Gods angel armies standing by. One foot at a time, in line together, walking with Jesus inside. Oh Jesus, help your sons and daughters rise.

From tramamobile, to Holy Spirit in the wheels. Turning each vessel His way, through the Devine. Through a world they once wondered, will I ever. Will I ever. Now turned into Wonder upon Wonder, who’s this God in the fire, God in the rain, God in my shoes, in the trees and animals, God who covers me with love, whom I don’t have to hide.


You know, maybe good ole dusty blue (my Toyota Highlander, is a representation of something.) Her windows have bug splatters all over. I only noticed since all the nice cars pulling up at the resort.

Her tags, well she’s been talked about in 2 different court houses by 2 different judges. And until I have another car, or all things well with Dusty blue, I can’t share her secret just yet. Not because of shame. Legally. That’s why.

I will say the cata something light said it needed to be replaced years ago. My mechanic suggested I drive it until she’s done. And the latest mechanic suggested the same since it’s around $2,500 per cata something. I did just buy cata clean so hopefully the engine light can go off and I can get a smog check.

So today I did that. I finally put in cataclean, in hopes to see the smog check department after a couple of live sessions for school. Oh how excited I was to go to live school, after surprisingly getting off work early, and then finally get this car handled!!!!!!!

And then I couldn’t find my keys. Still, I don’t know where they are. I have the feeling I’m gonna have to clean my house for this one. And I’ve also had a feeling that when finally my car is handled after years of going through battle, courts, 3 DMV’s and multiple Triple A’s, I’ll probably get a new one. I have a feeling. (And I’m hoping for that too.)

So as I searched where I walked yesterday, I finally decided to sit on the log and stare at the beach. I lamented, and whined, why haven’t I found my keys yet. And in a soft voice from the Holy Spirit I heard…”you found me.”

Presence flood.

Fine, fine, I’ll take you Lord any day over those old car keys.

Surely I needed this revelation and His presence more than the old car keys. Surely I’ve found, that searching for God, I’ve found the best and most purist of golds. A real presence. Nothing compares. Nothing else matters.

My car can sleep with it’s open window tonight under the moonlit sky. A bear can climb in and eat whatever snacks are on the ground. In fact, that’d be a great story to tell.

Next Day.

Today I thought again, where are my keys. And this time I heard…”it’s in your mind.”

Funny God. Oh how he makes me laugh. My comforter and greatest comedian of all. Laughing I asked him why not now…literal finding keys, and truth be told my dreams coming true….And I heard him say so simply and kindly, “aren’t I in charge of time.”


I have a feeling there’s much more purpose in keys, lost and found then simple car keys and house keys. There’s purpose to and through the search.

In life we are searching and finding, and we must know and believe hopefully sooner, that we are already found. Even in our brokenness, He is waiting right next to us to walk us through.

When I find God, who yes is already here. But when I search and find him, or his tangible presence just shows up, I am found. And that is the key 🔑 to this story. Him in me equals healing, and all that I need is already found in Him. Thank you Lord.

Move where the Spirit moves you. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. The Lord is walking me through so many past tramas, and freeing me in ways I couldn’t have imagined myself. Taking really hard things, and making beauty. He holds our hands, and He loves us so much!!!!!!!!!! He loves our mess!!! And He is the giver of Hope. He also loves process perhaps more than we do at first, if you’re anything like me.

His words, are what make it all fun like a scavenger hunt of keys and dreams, he holds our hands and walks us through the fire to the found.

One of the great keys is that we are already found, and He knows our tomorrow before we do. May our eyes be open to His beauty and ears to His words.

And honestly. Every time I think of wheels I think of this verse. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Ezekiel 1:20 NIV

What happens when the Holy Spirit is in our wheels…



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