Finally upon finally. I realized, I never battled with a person. It was a battle of the Devine and evil. All the pain. From all the lies upon lies like stairs on a Barbie ride. The heads were cut off by brothers, and things cut too short by sisters because of the lack. The monster of lack. Lack of love, purity, fathers and mothers.

The only crane that can stop this war is a giant crane of love. Whom knows Gods truth and our true delights.

Mine is coffee. In fact I had a dream of Dutch brothers in a giant crane recently. Maybe this is why. At least one important way to look at it. God knows my desires, coffee has always been one of them. Coffee and the Holy Spirit are a good mix for me.

I battled and battled up the stairs. Falling down and down again, to places I can only land in, bath tubs upon bath tubs. Soaking, feeling defeated.

But the truth is, I’m still here. “I’m still standing” and somehow, by the grace and words of God, I’m still dancing. Sure my dancing has taken different routes and avenues of the Way. Gods hand twirling and pulling me through various landings.

The Holy Spirit won. The Holy Spirit won. I’ve already won, because the Holy Spirit lives in me. I’m not here for competitions, I’m not here to be the judge, or be judged, except by my creator when one day we will in fact meet at the meeting already appointed for me.

Until then. Let the rest of my fights be a praise song. It’s in the Lords hands. The victory belongs to the Lord!

In closing I have to say this.

Years ago I was in a literal court battle that took 3 1/2 years to finish. Praise God it is finished. The point of me bringing it up here, is this special memory I will never forget. One day before I went, the numbers 14:14 popped in my head. So I searched up bible verses, and immediately exodus 14:14 showed up. As I sat there waiting to go in the room, I read this: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

So I tilted my head back, and gave it to God. I tried everything I could. And He certainly let me know at that point, I need only be still. Being still is a gift from God.

Worship the Lord, and let Him lift your hands up.

You are my Champion 🎵

Holy Spirit Wins


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